Shelter Form Vinyl Insulation™

A unique multi-layered insulation system.

Why is Shelterform Vinyl Insulation important?

Shelter Enterprises Backerwrap™ system is a combination of Shelterwrap HD™, Shelterform™, and Insul-Start™. This unique multi-layered insulation system provides you with the maximum air infiltration protection available on the market today, while wall cavities are allowed to breath and prevent mold and mildew. Shelterwarp HD™ provides the first layer of insulation and its high rigidity creates a level sub-surface for your vinyl siding.


Shelterform™ provides the second layer of insulation and a rigid support system that prevents buckling, denting and insect nesting under the vinyl siding. This combination makes Backerwrap™ the ultimate insulation system on the market today.

  • Provides a layered insulation system which significantly reduces air Infiltration and significantly reduces energy costs.
  • Shelterwrap HD™ underlayment provides more rigidity for better leveling and superior finish.
  • Shelterform™ custom fit drop-in insulation provides a rigid support system for vinyl siding to prevent buckling.
  • The Backerwrap™ system provides permeability which allows the wall cavity to breathe, this reducing the risk of condensation within the wall.
  • Form fitting prevents insect nesting. EPS products do not produce offgassing and does not support fungus or bacteria growth. (Shelterwrap is not a vapor barrier).

Technical Specification

The R-Value for a wall system is determined by ASTM C236. the “Guard Hot Box” method, which vary by siding profile:

Double 4” = R 3.3

Double 4.5” = R 3.7

Double 5” = R 3.4

Double 4” Dutch Lap = R 3.6

Double 4.5” Dutch Lap = R 4.0

Double 5” Dutch Lap = R 4.0

Triple 3” = R 3.7

Horizontal 8” = R 3.0

Shelterwrap HD R-Values

1/4” thick = R 1.2

3/8” thick = R 1.6

1/2” thick = R 2.1

3/4” thick = R 3.1

1” thick = R 4.2

R-Values stated above are at
5 degrees F. R-Values actually increase as the temperature
goes down.


5.0 water vapor permeance of
1”thickness, max. perm,Test Method ASTM E96

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