Shelter Tapered Roof Insulation


Shelter Tapered Roof Insulation

For new and retrofitting roofing systems.  It’s versatility and ability to adapt to the most imaginative designs while meeting or exceeding traditional code requirements.

EPS Composite Board

Laminating structural board to EPS insulation can provide greater strength and durability, providing a top surface, that acts as a protective layer for traffic, hot asphalt, single ply adhesives or a variety of other materials. These materials can be laminated on one or both sides and on either flat or tapered board.

New Roof Applications

Ballasted/Mechanically Fastened Systems:

EPS boards are laid lose directly on the deck, or what ever substrata is specified, sheet membrane, as specified, is then applied according to manufactures specifications. Additional barriers may be specified in ballast systems.

EPS Tapered (Positive) Roof Drainage

Tapered EPS board is custom designed for each roof layout. It provides pitch of 1/8" per foot or greater for positive drainage. The use of tapered EPS will reduce framing costs and aid in the elimination of ponding.

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