Superior energy performance and quality exterior sheathing in one continuous application.

Benefits builders and home owners by:

  • Solving shortfalls of stud cavity insulation
  • Meeting all energy code requirements
  • Having outstanding long term thermal properties
  • Keeping the lateral bracing and transverse load stability of traditional OSB
  • Saving you time and money
  • Providing limitless options in the design process
  • Insulates entire surface of exterior wall

Why is Shelter R-5 OSB & R-3 OSB High Density Expanded Polystyrene Foam core the best value for your building projects?

  • Best long term R-value
  • No out-gassing of R-value
  • Mold and mildew resistant core
  • Superior 3.5 Permeance Core allows your home to breath
  • Never acts as a Vapor Barrier
  • Most Environmentally friendly product core
  • Closed cell construction resists water in all applications
  • Safe to use and bring into your home – made of the
    same materials as a foam coffee cup
  • No Thermal Drift – Shelter R-5 OSB and R-3 OSB will remain stable over its entire service cycle

With Shelter Enterprises insulated sheathing on the exterior of your structure you can meet the more stringent building codes, eliminate thermal shorts, improve thermal efficiency and improve sound transmission performance – while reducing energy costs and increasing living comfort.

R-Values Shelter R-5 OSB (1 9/16” thick)

at 75° F = 5.24

at 40° F = 5.66

at 25° F = 5.93

R-Values Shelter R-3 OSB (1 1/16” thick)

at 75° F = 3.16

at 40° F = 3.39

at 25° F = 3.53

R-Values actually increase as the temperature goes down.


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