Exterior Insulation & Finish System from Shelter Enterprises...

...for commercial, institutional, and residential buildings

Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) is a multi-layered, exterior wall finish system that is a cost-effective, lightweight and energy efficient.

This versatile wall cladding gives designers an unrivaled range of aesthetic and performance options such as the addition of cornices, trims, keystones, sills, bands, columns, quoins and pilasters.

EIFS literally wraps the exterior of the building in a thermal blanket that will reduce air infiltration which leads to reduced energy consumption. EIFS can be applied over steel stud walls, wood frame construction, or masonry. EIFS can also be used to refinish existing buildings to create a refreshed appearance and an upgraded insulation value.

Our standard and drainage EPS insulation boards are available in almost any thickness, width and length and custom cuts are no problem.

All of our EIFS grade EPS is independently third party tested and approved.

We sell authorized EPS EIFS manufactures for these fine companies:

• Parex • Sto Corporation • Finestone • Masterwall • Senergy • Sonowall • Energex • Generic

Typical EIFS R-Values

1” EIFS R-Values at 40°* – 4.17

1” EIFS R-Values at 75°* – 3.85

*R-Values based on ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals 1993, Chapter 22 data.

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