EPS Ceiling Tiles

Re-Versa Tile's™ unique two sided design allows design flexibility of either embossed diagonal diamond design or the classic commercial acoustical finish.

Design flexibility, coupled with the superior finished surface, allow you to achieve the appearance of products costing 6-10 times more than Re-Versa Tile™


Re-Versa Tile™ ceiling tiles are lightweight, flexible, and are designed to be installed in metal ceiling grid systems.

With proper installation, Re-Versa Tiles™ melt away, allowing the sprinkler system to be exposed and activated in the event of a fire or heat in excess of approximately 415° F.

Re-Versa Tile™ is one of the most economical and best performing ceiling panels on the market today.

Technical Information

Re-Versa Tile™ expanded polystyrene (EPS) suspended ceiling tiles are manufactured in accordance with the following third party testing. FMRC Standard 4651, which includes density, flammability, flexural strength and melt-out / drop-out behavior.

Available Sizes

23 3/4”x23 3/4” REVT-12- CB-1

23 3/4”x47 3/4” REVT-24- CB-1


1/2” - R-Value 1.9

1” - R-Value 3.8

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