Shelter Bridge Deck Flute Fillers

Our EPS flute fillers are the best material to use when a filler is needed in flutes of metal decking for bridges or floor decking to reduce the weight.

The Advantages of Using EPS Flute Fillers

Shelter Flute fillers can be designed to match any deck profile on your project and are available in a variety of strengths. Flute fillers also work well on metal roof deck applications to provide needed support for roofing membranes, along with providing improved energy efficiency to your project.

Shelter EPS flute fillers are lightweight, along with high strength, improved R-value for roof assemblies, no CFC, HCFC, HFC or formaldehyde, and they provide superior moisture resistance.

EPS Flute Fillers

  • Are easily shipped and installed
  •  Will not absorb moisture
  • Provide lighter weight spans
  • Makes the entire deck lighter
  • Use less concrete

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