Provides a continuous flow of fresh outside air, replacing excessive moisture and trapped damp air within the attic.

Benefits of Proper Ventilation Using AeroVents™

  • Keeps roof timbers dry and free from rotting
  • Controls damaging ice buildup on the roof
  • Maintains total attic insulation R values
  • Reduces winter heat loss and controls summer air conditioning costs

Easy to Install

Simply staple to underside of roof. The contour shape and increased thickness of the AeroVent™ is designed to reduce breakage on installation by eliminating pressure points.


AeroVents™ are vacuum molded attic air flow snap vents designed to create a continuous flow of fresh air within the attic. AeroVents™ create a barrier between the roof and the insulation. This "barrier" eliminates excess moisture created by air vents blocked with loose fill or batt type insulation.

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