Why choose Shelter Enterprises' EPS?

Expanded polystyrene building products provide the performance benefits needed for a healthy home. EPS building insulation does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during or after installation creating a “clean” breathing environment. Plus...


  • Our EPS provides R-values that last a lifetime
  • Can Contain both Post and
    Pre-Consumer Recycled Content
  • Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) free
  • Mold/Fungus Resistant, having no nutritive value
  • Insect Resistant, using a registered additive approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Shelter Enterprises, Inc. manufactures its entire product line using chemicals that do not deplete the ozone layer. Some of our competitors use chemicals (HCFC) to (temporarily) create higher R-values which are later released into the ozone...

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Shelter’s Residential Products

Shelter Enterprises, Inc. leads the residential building industry with products that are environmentally friendly, while maintaining high long term "R" values. SEI has the right product for your interior and exterior insulation needs. We offer insulation for the interior & exterior walls of your home, your roof & attic, and your basement foundation walls.

In most homes the movement of air from warm to cold inside your home, is the single greatest cause of energy loss. Areas most greatly affected by air infiltration are window and door frames, sill plates, and through the wall itself. Shelter Enterprise’s underlayment insulation products, when installed properly; help to eliminate costly air infiltration.

Let SEI help to protect your home against moisture damage and energy loss. Our ventilation and sealing products can help you save on your energy costs.

Shelter’s exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) is a multi-layered, exterior wall finish system that is a lightweight insulated system which gives designers an unrivaled range of aesthetic and performance options such as the addition of cornices, trims, keystones, sills, bands, columns, quoins, and pilasters. EIFS is used on a wide range of commercial, institutional, and residential buildings. They provide maximum energy savings and improved indoor air quality. The smooth outer surface of an EIFS combined with decorative finishes available in thousands of colors and textures provide a design palette unmatched by any other wall cladding system. EIFS are cost-effective, and they can bring style and beauty to everyday structures. Compared to other finishing products, our EIFS products will regulate moisture and thermal control.

ShelterWrap continuous insulation is manufactured of expanded polystyrene laminated with a durable copolymer film in one continuous sheet measuring 4 feet in height by 24 feet in overall length. ShelterWrap is ideal in recover applications, as well as single ply roof applications. ShelterWrap has excellent compressive strength, dimensional stability, and water resistant properties. ShelterWrap provides permeability which allows wall cavities to breathe, thus reducing the risk of condensation within the wall. The effectiveness of a particular product to slow down or eliminate air infiltration is not measured in “R-Value”, which means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-Value the greater the insulating value. We also offer our ShelterWrap HD, a high density EPS sheet laminated with copolymer film.

ShelterSheath continuous insulation is high efficiency foil faced polystyrene that can be used as insulating sheathing. It is lightweight and easy to install. A variety of applications are possible including exterior foundation walls, interior basement walls, masonry cavity walls, under concrete slabs and even under plywood roof sheathing. Our Sheathall HD Plus is identical to our ShelterSheath and instead uses High Density Expanded polystyrene for the core panel.

Shelter’s Foundation Insulation is perfect for concrete walls around the foundation of your home. Concrete walls have low insulating value and the cold from the ground can transfer directly into your basement. Our Foundation Insulation installs directly against your foundation wall and provides excellent insulating power even with exposure to water and environmental elements.

Shelter’s R-3 & R-5 OSB structural continuous sheathing boards are exterior sheathing and insulation all in one. Each panel is available in a variety of substrates including OSB & Plywood.

Shelter’s Roof Insulation is light weight and has a high insulation value, high water resistance, and a low cost. This makes our EPS Roof Insulation ideal for use in a variety of single-ply membrane systems and built-up roofs used in new construction and re-roofing applications. We offer our insulation in various thicknesses and can provide tapered or flat sheets to fit your roofing needs.

ShelterFoam High Efficiency Panel Pak Insulation is used for interior cement walls. It is an excellent insulator when used behind paneling or wall board. Simply install with adhesives or staples, or by wedging between furring strips.

ShelterForm Vinyl Insulation is specifically contoured to “drop-in” place behind any siding. We design and custom cut each sheet in order to provide maximum support for all siding. It provides permeability and allows the wall cavities to “breathe”, and reduces the risk of condensation within the wall cavity. Our “drop-in” siding insulation improves the overall strength of your siding, eliminates buckling, and can even level the uneven surfaces of your home.

Shelter’s Corner Post insulation is also specifically designed to work with our ShelterForm Vinyl Insulation. It works with any siding and can provide the finishing touches to a professional and durable siding job. Corner Posts will reduce air infiltration, eliminate access for small animals & insects, and provide straight corners for your siding project.

ShelterSeal Sill Seal is a polyethylene gasket that seals the gap between the foundation and the sill plate. Air infiltration is a major cause of loss of heat in home, and ShelterSeal solves the problem where the foundation wall and sill plate meet. It is moisture resistant and will not deteriorate after years of use. It also helps to seal out insects and is ideal for use around door and window frames.

Shelter’s Aerovents provides a continuous flow of fresh outside air, replacing excessive moisture and trapped damp air within the attic, keeping roof timbers dry and free from rotting, while controlling damaging ice buildup on the exterior of the roof. Additionally, they help maintain total attic insulation “R” values and reduce winter heat loss while controlling summer air conditioning costs.

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